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Happiness is a Gift Hamper

We love gifts. We love giving gifts. But mostly we love giving gift hampers. This was a gift hamper for an exceptionally special lady so we had to put something exceptional together.

deluxe gift hamper

We used:

1 x pewter wine cooler (buy yours today from The Happy Go Lucky Club Shop!)

1 x bunch of flowers. (Proteas, greens, delphiniums, red roses)

1 x plastic Ziploc

3 x elastic bands

1 x black tissue paper

1 x bottle of Waterford Rose-Mary

1 x strawberry plant

1 x packet of Lardiere dried strawberry

2 x Lardiere Scented Soy Candles

1 x jar of Lardiere Strawberry Whip

1 x L’Occitane Hand cream

1 x punnet of Strawberries

1 x broad black ribbon

1 x double-sided tape

1 x narrow black ribbon

1 x black wrapping paper

1 x thick cardboard

1 x sheet whiteboard

1 x moss


  1. Create a base by crossing two pieces of board and sticking them together. The false bottom helps to display the items. deluxe-gift-hamper-base
  2. Cut a white circle to cover the ugly board.deluxe-gift-hamper-base-white-circle
  3. Cut a hole big enough for the bunch of flowers.deluxe-gift-hamper-base-filler
  4. Add water to the plastic Ziploc and put the bunch in it.deluxe-gift-hamper-water-pouch
  5. Wrap the bunch in tissue paper.
  6. Tie the broad black ribbon over the elastic.deluxe-gift-hamper
  7. Add the flowers to the wine cooler.
  8. Arrange the items.deluxe-gift-hamper-
  9. We wrapped the hand cream and tied a ribbon around the wine.
  10. Cut the broad black ribbon to an appropriate length and stick pieces of double-sided tape on the back.deluxe-gift-hamper
  11. Stick it in place just under the rim of the wine cooler. This keeps it from slipping down.
  12. Fill in all the gaps with moss.
  13. Add strawberries.
  14. Ta-da!deluxe-gift-hamper


This was such fun to make and to put together. Hampers can be expensive, but you can be smart about it.

  • The false base helps to fill up space, reducing the number or amount of gifts you need.
  • When you choose the gifts make sure to vary the sizes. Big gifts go at the bottom. Smaller gifts fill in the gaps.
  • The moss is perfect for softening and hiding gaps. You can use tissue, angel’s hair, or toile.
  • Pick a colour scheme. The black boxes dictated the colour and we knew the birthday girl liked red roses. The strawberries complemented the red roses.

If you’d like to purchase this gift hamper or have us create a gift hamper especially for you, please email us at info@thehappygoluckyclub.com. Price on request.

Happy hamper-packing!

Mia and Blair

gift hamper



A Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

A certain Mickey Mouse enthusiast turned two this weekend and we had a wonderful time in the clubhouse.

Mickey Mouse birthday partyThe Baking Room made the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake, which was a triumph and the birthday boy agreed by tasting it as soon as he could reach. mickey mouse clubhouse cake twoodles

The colours for the party were black, red and yellow. The Mickey Mouse silhouettes were everywhere. That means a lot of cutting, but we used this awesome template we found on Google images.

silueta-de-mickeyWe also made use of the rental service at In Good Company for the first time. We were impressed and will certainly do it again. They have an amazing collection of stuff for rent. Not to mention all their super cool party supplies. Just make peace already, you will spend way too much in this store and be deliriously happy with everything.

Mickey Mouse party table setting

The birthday boy’s favourite snack is popcorn. So that was a given and we loved the popcorn boxes. We chose a variety of black, red and yellow candy. Meringues and macarons added to our party fun.

mickey mouse macarons popcornWe also made Oreo Cheesecakes and yes, they are as decadent as they sound. We recommend these for all occasions. Like Wednesdays. They are perfect and you can find the recipe on Gimmesomeoven.com.

Oreo cheesecakes We made a Mickey Mouse out of fruit. Thank you, Pinterest. It was a hit and complimented the crudité platter.

Mickey mouse fruit platter

For entertainment, we hired a bubble machine and the little people loved it. You know that scene in Finding Nemo where the fish goes My bubbles, my bubbles, my bubbles?

Well, times that by a bunch of two-year-olds and you’ll know how much fun it was.

The straws were simple to make with double sided tape and more silhouettes.  We decorated tin cans to look like Mickey. It was so easy and they made handy containers.

mickey mouse straws and tin And then there were the sugar cookies. Wow. We used a simple cookie cutter to make the Mickey Mouse shape. With over 7,000 reviews and 4.5 stars, we couldn’t go wrong with this recipemickey mouse birthday party sugar cookies

The treat bags were simple black and white striped paper bags with red and yellow silhouettes stuck on the bags.

mickey mouse treat bags

Twoodles, until next time.



On Pointe with a Swan Lake Birthday Party

We take birthday parties very seriously at The Happy Go Lucky Club. Our kids have caught on and make sure we know exactly what they have in mind for their parties. Hence the overwhelming presence of Swans in our lives over the last few months.

swan lake ballerina birthday party

The colour scheme was white, black and gold. The Swan theme morphed into a Swan Lake theme, but the birthday girl approved.

The Invitations:

We made the invitations by folding Origami Swans.

swan lake ballerina birthday party invitation

You need:

Plain white paper. One sheet per invitation.

Washi tape: gold and orange.

Black pen


  • Write the invitation on the sheet of paper.
  • Fold the swan. You can find instructions here.
  • Wrap the orange washi tape around the beaks
  • Wrap the crowns around their heads and cut the crowns.
  • Make the eyes using a black pen.

The Back Drop:

swan lake ballerina birthday party backdrop swan lake ballerina birthday party backdrop swan lake ballerina birthday party backdrop

You need:

20 sheets of black, A3 board.

Gold paper


Circle punch


  • Tile the wall using the black board. Keep the boards straight and precise. We ended up with five rows of four.
  • Punch gold circles.swan lake ballerina birthday party
  • Stick the first 12 circles on the black board. We used the inner corners as a guides.
  • The next 12 circles were placed in the middle of each board.
  • Repeat the process and complete the remaining rows.
  • We used 32 circles in total.

The table:

We stacked our white cake stands to create height and topped it with a gold crown and flowers. The swans and meringues adorned the tower.

We made a sweet buffet using a collection of glass jars and primarily back and white sweets.swan lake ballerina birthday party table settingWoolworths has a new 350ml water bottle. The perfect size for a thirsty ballerina. We removed the label and replaced it with a vinyl swan.

swan lake ballerina birthday party waterbottles

The Party Packs:

We used our favourite white paper bags. The versatility of these bags is mind blowing. They should be a staple in your house, your kitchen and your craft cupboard.

We used the party packs to disguise the sweets and chips that weren’t black or white.swan lake ballerina birthday party packs

You need:

White paper bag



Double sided tape


  • Add sweets and chips.
  • Fold over and stick down the bag with double-sided tape.
  • Hold the feather in place the sticker over the feather and the fold.

Marshmallow Pops:

swan lake ballerina birthday party table setting

You need:


White chocolate

Paper straws


  • Cut the straws in half, on a slant creating a sharp point.
  • Stick the straw in the marshmallows
  • Melt the white chocolate
  • Dip the marshmallow and allow to hardenswan lake ballerina birthday party Marshmellow pops

Royal Icing Sugar cookies:

Our royal icing always ends up a royal mess, but that hasn’t stopped us yet. We’ll keep practicing.

swan lake ballerina birthday party swan sugar cookies

You need:

Your favourite sugar cookie recipe.

A swan-shaped cookie cutter.

Royal icing

Markers with edible ink, black and orange

Edible pearls


  • Make the sugar cookies as per your recipe.
  • Cut the desired shape. We used a duck cookie cutter, because we couldn’t find a swan.
  • Once the cookies have cooled add the royal icing.
  • Add the pearls where the wing should be.
  • Once the royal icing has set and dried colour the beaks and add the eyes.

The Cake:

The cake was white sponge topped with cream cheese frosting. We added ballerina cake toppers. We could only find silver ones, but we had a plan.

swan lake ballerina birthday party cake

You need:

One white sponge cake with cream cheese frosting


Gold pen


Black marker


Colour the ballerinas.

swan lake ballerina birthday party cake topper

Swan straws:

You can make the swan straws by following the instructions on Shop Sweet Lulu’s Blog.

We made some adjustments:

We used a pencil to punch the ball and double sided tape to stick on the feathers.swan lake ballerina birthday party swan straws

The straws were used with bottles of milk. The bottles were decorated with vinyl stickers printed at Jimnettes. We found the swan here and we made a whole page full ready to print, just for you. Click on the image to print.

Black and White Swans

Party favours:

The birthday girl was dressed in a black tutu, and we gave all the birthday friends a white tutu as a party favour.

swan lake tutu party favors

We also found plastic swans at Jimnettes. You know those weird things, that make you wonder: who buys this? Well we do.

swan lake ballerina birthday party Marshmellow pops


The little girls had their faces painted by the insanely talented Chantelle from Fun Avenue. Each little girl had Swans like these painted on her face and they looked magical.

swan lake face painter

Make lots of magic, love and coffee this weekend!