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A Heart Full of Roses

We loved the rose petal wrapping we shared last week and we hope you did too. Here is another idea using rose petals that is simple, easy, and absolutely gorgeous.

A Heart Full of Roses

 You need:

A gift

White paper, or any colour you would prefer.

Roses, your choice of colour

Double-sided tape

Sticky tape



  1. Wrap the gift in the white (or whichever you choose) paper. Remember when we said we rarely buy wrapping paper? This is what we buy instead, it is white-board writing paper. The sheets are big and it wraps beautifully.
  2. Stick the double-sided tape in the shape of a heart. This isn’t, of course, a perfect heart, just follow a general outline and make sure there is enough tape for all the petals.
  3. Remove the petals from the rose.
  4. Stick the petals on the sticky heart. We started at the top and worked our way down. Make sure they overlap. The tape must not show.
  5. Depending on the size of the gift and of the heart, you can add as many hearts as you like.

A Heart Full of Roses

This is incredibly easy to do, but once again, be gentle with the petals and make sure to wrap it on the day of the party. Rose petals that have been abused, will turn brown. The petals are fragile, but should last for about a day if the rose is fresh and if it isn’t sweltering. Remember, you can also keep it cool in the fridge if need be.

You can also add ribbons and twine to the gift. We loved this simplicity of this, but a ribbon would certainly add to the gift.

We hope you enjoyed this simple idea. Don’t forget to send us pictures of your wrapping or tag us online. We would love to see what you are all wrapped up in.

Have a happy day,

Mia & Blair

Craft Paper with Black Velvet

We love working with craft paper. It is a staple in our wrapping cupboard. You can dress it up or down. It forms the perfect base for wrapping. For this post, we dressed it up. We think the combination of craft paper with black velvet is gorgeous.


 The Gifts:

We keep a supply of brown paper gift bags handy, choose the correct size.

Wrap the gift in brown craft paper.

Cut the black ribbon to the correct length.

Stick double-sided on the back of the ribbon.

Stick the ribbon on the bottom section of the bag, about 1/3 up.

Fold a flat bow, by cutting a short section of the ribbon. Stick ends together with tape to create a circle. Fold it in half and use a second, shorter piece of ribbon, to create the cross section. Stick it down with more double sided tape.

Add the gift and black tissue paper.


 The Flowers:

Arrange the flowers. We used Proteas.

Cut a square of brown craft paper.

Wrap the flowers, tie the ribbon and add the card.


craft-paper-and-black-velvet-4We love the elegance of this wrapping and velvet ribbon is our favourite indulgence. You can, of course, tie a bow instead of making a flat bow. We like the flat bow though; the velvet doesn’t fold nicely.

This is great wrapping to use for a more formal event. It is unisex so you can use it for gentleman as well.


Happy Wrapping.

Mia & Blair



No-wrap wrapping for odd-shaped gifts

Sometimes we have a gorgeous gift, but it is an odd shape. This watering can is an example of one of those, luckily the watering can is pretty enough to show off. You can, of course, find a nice box and put the watering can inside and then wrap that.

We love not-wrapping as much as we love wrapping. Pretty gifts deserved to be displayed.


This watering can is perfect for someone who has many indoor plants or is an avid gardener. We added the small gardening tools and filled the watering can with a bunch of sweet peas. It smelled gorgeous and looked spectacular.


The simplicity of this is what we really enjoy. You can use any flowers that are available and add ribbons or a set of gloves, perhaps even a nice hat. Anything a gardener would enjoy.

Happy not-wrapping.

Mia & Blair

no-wrap watering can