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Here Comes the Bride Hamper

Before the white dress and the big hair comes the kitchen tea. Yay! Kitchen teas have evolved and changed a lot over the years. No longer does the bride have to wear a colander or a funnel-bra, unless she wants to of course, but one thing that hasn’t changed is, that it is truly an occasion to spoil the special bride-to-be.

Today, gift vouchers are a certainty and we wanted to create a space on the gift table where they could be celebrated and not get lost. So, we created a Here Comes the Bride Hamper, you know we like those, and we found everything we needed at our favourite home décor store, Mr P.

Here comes the bride hamper

What you need for the bride’s hamper:

White netting

Ribbons and strings

Here comes the bride hamper

A box big enough for all the gifts – buy yours here.

Wooden Box Mr Price Home

A utensil container – buy yours hereUtensils Container

A photo frame with a pic of the happy couple, we bought the 10×15 one – buy yours here.Photo Frame Mr Price Home

Wall Art Sign – Mr Price Home, but not found online. Wall Art Mr Price Home

Wooden spoons – buy yours hereWooden Spoons Mr Price HomeA whisk – buy yours herewhisk mr price home

A little wooden lady – buy yours here.  wooden lady mr price home

Flowers for a small bouquet

bouquet of flowers brides hamper

This is what we did for the bride’s hamper:

  1. Arrange the items in the box.
  2. Tie ribbons and strings to the whisk and the wooden spoons.whisk and wooden spoons brides hamper
  3. Dress the bride. We used lace tape and a small piece of net, and added a tiny bouquet.wooden bride
  4. Make the bouquet. We used pink roses, gypsophila and ferns.
  5. We wrapped the netting around the flowers and tied the bouquet with white ribbon.
  6. We placed the bouquet in a plastic bag and white paper bag. This is how we did it for our Happiness is a Hamper post
  7. The little bride perched on the edge of the utensil tin.
  8. The vouchers and envelopes will be put inside the utensil tin.

Here comes the bride hamper

We chose white to match the theme of the wedding, but you can tailor it to suit your bride. Pick her favourite colour and choose items to match.

Happy wedding!

Mia & Blair

Here Comes the Bride Hamper




Hampers of Happiness: The Herb Hamper

So by now, you will know that we love hampers. Deciding what goes in and arranging it all is one of our favourite things. They are incredibly versatile. This Herb Hamper would be great for a cook or gardener.

Herb Hamper

For The Herb Hamper You Need:

We used a wooden container as a base. You can use any kind of basket or small trough even.

We bought our herbs from Woolworths. The ones in the terracotta pots.

The mini tools and spray bottle are also from Woolworths. Check out their flower section.

The small jar is from Mr Price Home, but any glass jar will do. We filled it with Nasturtium seeds.

We added lemons and tomatoes for a spot of colour.

herb hamper lemons

The moss filled in the gaps.

Add ribbon and small wreath as an ornament.


  1. The herbs went in first. Depending on the size of the plants and the container you may need to add some filling in the bottom of the container to raise the pots.
  2. Add ribbon to the spray bottle and tools. Arrange among the herbs.
  3. Add the seed jar. You can add more depending on the size of the container.
  4. Add the veggies and fruit. If you have a specific colour scheme choose veggies to match.
  5. Add moss to fill the gaps.
  6. Tie the ribbon around the base and add an ornament or card.

Top Tips:

You can add or subtract items as needed. Think of garden twine, herb markers or even a pair of gardening gloves. Anything that will be handy for a gardener.

herb hamper

You can also replace the jars with seed sachets. We love Living Seeds. They specialise in heirloom seeds.

If you are packing for a cook think about wooden spoons, spices and dish towels.

If you use a smaller container you can use one or two herb plants instead of three. The possibilities are endless.

Happy Hampering.

Mia & Blair