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Teacher Thank You Gift Wrap

It’s the end of the school year here in South Africa and we are gearing up for an epic summer holiday. It’s going to be hot, it’s going to be fun and it’s going be five weeks long, but before all that happens we get to thank the teacher.

It’s time to stop and say thank you to the people who looked after our kids for the whole year. The teachers who were kind, patient and who encouraged our little ones. The teachers who held hands, kissed scraped knees and said well done, even if it was more done than well.

teacher thank you gift wrap

It’s hard to find the words and ways to express our gratitude when it comes to someone who has taken care of our children. These are the people who they spend a huge part of their day with. It’s one of the most important relationships they’ll have for an entire a year and hopefully a relationship they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

As we have mentioned before, we love simple gift wrap and this simple, teacher inspired gift wrap is right up our alley. Whatever you have decided to give your child’s teacher, we are sure they’ll really appreciate the message as well.

teacher thank you gift wrap

This is what you need:

A gift, preferably in a box or something that can be shaped into a ball.

Red tissue paper

Green board

Brown board

Sticky tape and scissors

This is what you need to do:

Wrap the gift in the red tissue paper

Draw a green leaf or print one of these printables: green-leaf or leaf-outline

Cut out a leaf

Cut a stalk

Stick the stalk and leaf to get then stick both to the gift  

Wording for the leaves:

This apple is my way of saying thank you for every day.

We love your core values

Grateful to the core

We hope you and the teacher will enjoy this gift wrap idea. You know what they say about an apple a day…it’s really good for you. So get to the core of the matter and say what you want to say. That’s Thank you with a capital T.

Happy wrapping,

Mia & Blair

teacher thank you gift wrap

Very Melon Christmas

Christmas is the time of snowflakes and Santa and hot chocolate and reindeer and long winter nights. That is, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in South Africa and anywhere else below the equator, it’s full-blown, 35°C summer and happiness.

We spend Christmas at the beach or around the pool or in the bush. It’s our summer holiday. Hearty roasts and creamy veg are always great, but it’s too hot. We wanted to have a summery Christmas this year and that’s how we ended up with Watermelons. Think about it. They’re in season. They’re red and green. They’re cool. And they’re delicious. Sounds very Christmassy to us.

Melon Christmas 1

This is what we did:

Paper installation:

We’re happiest when we can hang things from the ceiling. For this we used honeycomb pompoms in red and green and in various sizes. We made these paper dot garlands using a round hole punch, black board and then we sewed them together. And there you have it: a stylised watermelon installation, complete with pips.


Download the printable and print on board. Cut out and stick or tie to a string to make the bunting.

Melon Christmas 2

Free Printable! Click on link to download. Melon Christmas Bunting

Melon Christmas Bunting

Trees, wood and other wise:

We bought these small trees from Woolworths. They add life and texture to our scene.

Melon Christmas 4

We love the wooden trees. We bought a big plank from Builders Warehouse. Marked out the triangles and used a jig saw to cut them. The paint was simple and we used tape to keep the lines neat.

Melon Christmas 3a-very-melon-7

Small trees:

We printed a bunch of the small trees in a variety of sizes. We used these on the bottles and the glass containers and you can add them to the serviettes.Melon Christmas 7

Melon Christmas 5

Free Printable! Click on link to download. Melon Christmas Small Trees

Melon Christmas Small Trees

The Watermelon:

The list is endless when it comes to Watermelon. We made the trees by cutting the melon into slices, we made a small cut in the rind to make it easier to add the stick. Be careful. The knife slips once it’s through the rind. We added double thick, plain yogurt and blueberries and mint. This is great for Christmas morning or a lighter dessert.

Melon Christmas 6

The gift wrap:

We love the simplicity of this gift wrap. We bought polystyrene letters for each kid and painted them a la watermelon. We used simple newsprint. The gifts were odd shapes and hard to wrap. Not the kind of gift you want to use the expensive gift wrap on. a-very-melon-4 a-very-melon-5 a-very-melon-6 a-very-melon-10

This is a picture of the table on the day. We had an early family Christmas, because we won’t all be together on Christmas day.a-very-melon-9

We hope you have a very, Melon Christmas this year in the Southern Hemisphere!

Happy Holidays,

Mia & Blair


Happiness is a Gift Hamper

We love gifts. We love giving gifts. But mostly we love giving gift hampers. This was a gift hamper for an exceptionally special lady so we had to put something exceptional together.

deluxe gift hamper

We used:

1 x pewter wine cooler (buy yours today from The Happy Go Lucky Club Shop!)

1 x bunch of flowers. (Proteas, greens, delphiniums, red roses)

1 x plastic Ziploc

3 x elastic bands

1 x black tissue paper

1 x bottle of Waterford Rose-Mary

1 x strawberry plant

1 x packet of Lardiere dried strawberry

2 x Lardiere Scented Soy Candles

1 x jar of Lardiere Strawberry Whip

1 x L’Occitane Hand cream

1 x punnet of Strawberries

1 x broad black ribbon

1 x double-sided tape

1 x narrow black ribbon

1 x black wrapping paper

1 x thick cardboard

1 x sheet whiteboard

1 x moss


  1. Create a base by crossing two pieces of board and sticking them together. The false bottom helps to display the items. deluxe-gift-hamper-base
  2. Cut a white circle to cover the ugly board.deluxe-gift-hamper-base-white-circle
  3. Cut a hole big enough for the bunch of flowers.deluxe-gift-hamper-base-filler
  4. Add water to the plastic Ziploc and put the bunch in it.deluxe-gift-hamper-water-pouch
  5. Wrap the bunch in tissue paper.
  6. Tie the broad black ribbon over the elastic.deluxe-gift-hamper
  7. Add the flowers to the wine cooler.
  8. Arrange the items.deluxe-gift-hamper-
  9. We wrapped the hand cream and tied a ribbon around the wine.
  10. Cut the broad black ribbon to an appropriate length and stick pieces of double-sided tape on the back.deluxe-gift-hamper
  11. Stick it in place just under the rim of the wine cooler. This keeps it from slipping down.
  12. Fill in all the gaps with moss.
  13. Add strawberries.
  14. Ta-da!deluxe-gift-hamper


This was such fun to make and to put together. Hampers can be expensive, but you can be smart about it.

  • The false base helps to fill up space, reducing the number or amount of gifts you need.
  • When you choose the gifts make sure to vary the sizes. Big gifts go at the bottom. Smaller gifts fill in the gaps.
  • The moss is perfect for softening and hiding gaps. You can use tissue, angel’s hair, or toile.
  • Pick a colour scheme. The black boxes dictated the colour and we knew the birthday girl liked red roses. The strawberries complemented the red roses.

If you’d like to purchase this gift hamper or have us create a gift hamper especially for you, please email us at info@thehappygoluckyclub.com. Price on request.

Happy hamper-packing!

Mia and Blair

gift hamper