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Happiness is a Gift Hamper

We love gifts. We love giving gifts. But mostly we love giving gift hampers. This was a gift hamper for an exceptionally special lady so we had to put something exceptional together.

deluxe gift hamper

We used:

1 x pewter wine cooler (buy yours today from The Happy Go Lucky Club Shop!)

1 x bunch of flowers. (Proteas, greens, delphiniums, red roses)

1 x plastic Ziploc

3 x elastic bands

1 x black tissue paper

1 x bottle of Waterford Rose-Mary

1 x strawberry plant

1 x packet of Lardiere dried strawberry

2 x Lardiere Scented Soy Candles

1 x jar of Lardiere Strawberry Whip

1 x L’Occitane Hand cream

1 x punnet of Strawberries

1 x broad black ribbon

1 x double-sided tape

1 x narrow black ribbon

1 x black wrapping paper

1 x thick cardboard

1 x sheet whiteboard

1 x moss


  1. Create a base by crossing two pieces of board and sticking them together. The false bottom helps to display the items. deluxe-gift-hamper-base
  2. Cut a white circle to cover the ugly board.deluxe-gift-hamper-base-white-circle
  3. Cut a hole big enough for the bunch of flowers.deluxe-gift-hamper-base-filler
  4. Add water to the plastic Ziploc and put the bunch in it.deluxe-gift-hamper-water-pouch
  5. Wrap the bunch in tissue paper.
  6. Tie the broad black ribbon over the elastic.deluxe-gift-hamper
  7. Add the flowers to the wine cooler.
  8. Arrange the items.deluxe-gift-hamper-
  9. We wrapped the hand cream and tied a ribbon around the wine.
  10. Cut the broad black ribbon to an appropriate length and stick pieces of double-sided tape on the back.deluxe-gift-hamper
  11. Stick it in place just under the rim of the wine cooler. This keeps it from slipping down.
  12. Fill in all the gaps with moss.
  13. Add strawberries.
  14. Ta-da!deluxe-gift-hamper


This was such fun to make and to put together. Hampers can be expensive, but you can be smart about it.

  • The false base helps to fill up space, reducing the number or amount of gifts you need.
  • When you choose the gifts make sure to vary the sizes. Big gifts go at the bottom. Smaller gifts fill in the gaps.
  • The moss is perfect for softening and hiding gaps. You can use tissue, angel’s hair, or toile.
  • Pick a colour scheme. The black boxes dictated the colour and we knew the birthday girl liked red roses. The strawberries complemented the red roses.

If you’d like to purchase this gift hamper or have us create a gift hamper especially for you, please email us at info@thehappygoluckyclub.com. Price on request.

Happy hamper-packing!

Mia and Blair

gift hamper



The Best Way to Spend Mother’s Day | The Winter Sculpture Fair

Mother’s day is such an awesome day, but someone always ends up doing all the work, usually the mother. Last year we decided to spend the day at the Winter Sculpture Fair instead of invading someone’s house. The results were spectacular.

Mother's Day pin

We sat on the grass at the foot of a giant sculpture in the NIROX Sculpture Park surrounded by trees with the best wine and food from Franschhoek a few feet away.

Mia Group shot

via Nirox Foundation, http://niroxarts.com/

picture via http://niroxarts.com/

Yes, you read that right. You have a picnic amongst life-size sculptures, sipping and eating the best wine and food Franschhoek has to offer. Swoon worthy.

Niro Art 1

picture via http://niroxarts.com/


picture via the http://niroxarts.com/


picture via http://niroxarts.com/

Tickets are R165 per person and are only available via their website and will not be sold at the door. The event runs over two days, 7th and 8th of May 2016. Kids under 12 are free, but no pets are allowed. Blankets and folding chairs are a good idea.

Perhaps your mother in law would resonate with this installation?


picture via http://niroxarts.com/

Spoil your mother and yourself. There are only 25 days left until Mother’s Day, buy your tickets today!


Mia & Blair