3 Step Mini Lemon Meringues #woolieshack

We love lemon meringue pie and we love impromptu parties. The lemon meringue pie however, is not as impromptu. This easy 3 step #woolieshack is awesome and delicious and ready in a flash.

3 step Mini Lemon Meringues What you’ll need:

Mini ginger cookies – Woolworths

Lemon curd – Woolworths

Mini meringues – You can buy small ones at Hillcrest Tuisnywerheid or you can make your own using our meringue recipe.

mini meringues lemon curd ginger cookies


Step 1: Put a spoonful of lemon curd on the ginger biscuit.

ginger cookie top ginger cookie with lemon curd

add lemon curd to ginger cookie

Step 2: Top it with a meringue.

Step 3: Ta-da! Serve and enjoy.

Mini Lemon Meringues

Keep an eye out for our ice-lolly post. We’ll help you finish the lemon curd, if you haven’t already eaten it all straight from the jar.


Mia & Blair

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