A Present for a Painter

A young artist invited us to her paint party and we loved it. An artist, of course, deserves artistic gift wrap. Although this is a picture of gift wrap, this idea is great for party packs or even for serving food.

a present for a painter FBHere’s what you will need for your Paint Can gift wrap:


1 Large tin can

1 Pipe cleaner

White cardboard

Black cardboard

Washi tape

Silver ribbon or paper

Tissue paper, several sheets*

Double sided tape





Hole punch

*Pick a colour that you like. As you can see we used purple.

 TOP TIP: Make sure the gift fits inside the tin. This was a dress, so it was easy to roll up.


  1. Wrap the gift in the tissue. Use as many sheets as needed, but make sure you have a strip left over. Once again, make sure the gift fits inside the tin.
  2. Use the hammer and the nail to punch two holes near the top of the tin. They should be opposite each other.
  3. Thread the pipe cleaner through the holes creating the handle.
  4. Put the gift inside the tin.
  5. Cut a ‘drip pattern’ in the remaining strip of tissue paper.
  6. Put a strip of double sided tape around the top of the tin and stick the ‘drip strip’ around the tin.
  7. Draw a paintbrush shape on the white cardboard.
  8. Cover the handle in strips of washi tape.
  9. Cut a black rectangle the same size as the bottom of the brush.
  10. Cut small strips to look like the hair of the brush.
  11. Stick it onto the brush.
  12. Cover the line between the washi and brush hairs with the silver strips of ribbon or silver paper.
  13. Punch a hole in the top, write your message on the handle and attach the paintbrush to the tin.
  14. Ta-da!Paint Can Gift wrap art party

You can download a paint brush and drip pattern here.

Paint themed parties are such fun and the ideas are endless. Here’s a few of our favourites:

There are so many elements of this party from Pretty My Party that we just love, especially that number 5 painting.
art paint party original art

We found this Splatter and Splash Summertime Art Party on Kara’s Party Ideas. Don’t you just love the splatter details on the cake pops? It looks like Rice Krispy Treat paint brushes are a must have for any paint party.

art splatter paint party We love how the pink frames and colourful sodas pop against the black and white backdrop. Check out the rest of this set up on Dimple Prints.

art paint party table setting

In this age of email, we love a good old handmade invitation. We found the instructions for this paint palette party invitation over on Little Free Monkeys.


The parties on Hostess with the Mostess are always next level. Check out this Polka Dot and Rainbow themed party’s table set-up consisting of an apron, canvas, paint brushes and palette for each child to make their own painting.

paint-party canvas

Have a happy day,

Mia & Blair

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