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Mia & Blair

In an alternate universe Blair and Mia rule the Planet Yak. A place where peace reigns, cupcakes aren’t fattening and glitter doesn’t stick to your hands for all eternity. But when they are on this planet they are working mommies, aspiring domestic goddesses, DIY-enthusiasts and bloggers who are in constant pursuit of all things pretty.

Official bio:

Name: Blair Scheepers

Describe yourself in three words: Happy, Wild and Curious.

Family: Married to Johan and proud mommy of Ava and Jake.

Born in: Greensboro, North Carolina USA

Lives: Pretoria, South Africa

Moved because: I was seeking a new adventure in a land far far away.

Favourite drink: Water with ice and lemon or Beer, any flavour or colour.

Favourite food: Macarons

Best kept secret: My mouth is too big to keep secrets, unless they are someone else’s secrets…

Celebrity crush(es): Bradley Cooper, Adam Levine, and Taylor Swift

Dream car: Despite what my husband says, I will one day drive a white Range Rover.

Weirdest fact about me: I am still obsessed with Barbie.

Not even my mother knows this, but: Who am I kidding, my mother knows EVERYTHING!

Favourite beauty product: Clinique Chubby Sticks and Nimue anything.

I never leave home without: Mascara or my cell phone.

I like: Reading, running and rabbits. Just kidding about the rabbit part, animals are not my thing.

Life goal: To be happy.

My craft cupboard: Is always a hot mess.

Name of my first pet is: KC for Kernodle Cat (Kernodle = Maiden name). She was a calico cat, who sadly went to “live on a farm” during her old age.

I wish: For a bigger craft closet/room like the ones I pin on Pinterest, neatly organized and full of beautiful fabrics, ribbons and sparkly things.

I love: Eating out at restaurants with friends, listening to country music, warm weather and books.

I don’t love: Traffic or eating lamb.

Everyday I am grateful for: Life and love, but not while I exercise. When I exercise, I hate life.

Official Bio: 

Name: Mia Botha

Describe yourself in three words: Happy, funny and adventurous.

Family: Married to Pieter, mother of Capt. Awesome and The Princess.

Born in: Pretoria, South Africa.

Lives in: Pretoria, South Africa.

Lived in: Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg and Stellenbosch.

Moved because: My dad got transferred a lot.

Favourite drink: Wine, water, coffee.

Favourite food: A hamburger.

Best kept secret: That would be telling, wouldn’t it?

Celebrity crush(es): Gabriel Macht, Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman.

Dream Car: I drive a Toyota Fortuner, just like a lot of other mommies in Pretoria. But when I grow up I will drive an Aston Martin Vanquish.

Weirdest fact about me: I am the most normal person you will ever meet. Bwahahahaha.

Not even my mother knows this, but: I still steal her clothes.

Favourite beauty product: Lash Fusion XXL Mascara

I never leave home without: A notebook and a pen.

I like: Books, writing, blogging and wine.

Life goal: To do something for someone else every day and to be crowned Queen of a small country.

My craft cupboard: Is over stocked with stuff I’ll never used. I hoard.

Name of my first pet was: Peppie, a Maltese Poodle.

I wish: I arrived home to find dinner made. Everyday.

I love: My family and friends, reading, writing and making stuff.

I don’t love: Routine.

Everyday I am grateful for: Love, beauty and inspiration. And of course my awesome family and friends. And wine.


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