Christmas – Add A Bucket To Your Bucket List

It’s that time of the year again when we race towards Christmas, flitting from party to party, over-eating, swopping gifts, decorating trees and spoiling our family and friends rotten. It’s not called the season of giving for nothing. And you might have noticed that The Happy Go Lucky is slightly obsessed with gifts.

This year’s most sought after gift seems to be a bucket. You frown? Yes, we did too. But it’s a bucket filled with food. In fact, it’s a drive to collect 3500 food hampers to feed 3500 families during December.

The Hanna Charity works in impoverished communities around South Africa. They look after about 3500 families in Elandspoort, Eastlyn, Wolmer, Benoni and Cloetesville(Stellenbosch).

They believe in the empowerment of people through support and the creation of job opportunities. They invest in the people of the community, supporting them mentally, emotionally and physically.

Please take a look at the variety of projects they have:

There is a soup kitchen, which feeds the families. A clothing bank. There are nursery schools for the little ones. The kids attend free of charge and women from the community help the teacher to look after them. There are support groups and prayer groups. And skills development and job creation programmes. There is even an exercise programme to get everyone fit and moving.

Each community has a library, desperately in need of books. Take a look through your bookshelf, there are some titles lurking there that you can pass along.

The goal is to collect 3500 buckets before 9 November 2016. The hampers are given to the families as a gift for the month of December. You can also donate clothing and books, as the families can choose clothing as well on the day they receive the hampers.

hanna charity drive

All the food must fit in a 20-litre bucket.

Take a look at their page if you are interested in volunteering or donating. Please contact Ronel Brink at for more information regarding the hampers.


Mia & Blair

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