Cricket Gifts

We always seem to get carried away with girl gifts, but today we would like to share a simple gift wrap idea for a young man.

Cricket Gift Wrap What you’ll need:

White paper, 2 sheets depending on the size of the gift.

Cheat: For white paper we use flip chart paper. The sheets are huge and not too expensive. Plus, it’s easy to store and your kids will love drawing on big paper.

Red oil pastel or red lipstick

Cricket ball

Prestick or Glue Gun


Step 1. Wrap the gift. You might need an extra layer if the gift is brightly coloured

Step 2. Smudge the red pastel/lipstick. It should look like the ball has been polished on he paper.

Step 3. Stick the cricket ball on the smudge with the glue gun or prestick.

Step 4. Ta-da!

cricket gift wrap

Happy bowling. Enjoy the party.

Mia & Blair

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