Do’nut forget the wrapping

Doughnuts were invented to preserve our sanity and to make birthday parties great. Yes, it’s possibly one of the coolest party themes we came across this year. The birthday girl also happens to be exceptionally cool and exceptionally sweet so we knew we had to up our wrapping game.


Here’s what we did:

We chose a skirt from Cotton On for the gift. When you choose a gift keep in mind you have to be able to shape it into a circle.doughnut-gift-wrapping-2

 For the wrapping:

Cake box, big enough for the gift.

Pink tissue paper

Brown, doughnut coloured tissue paper. We didn’t have that shade of brown so we used an old sewing pattern. We knew we saved if for a reason.

White tissue paper



Sticky tape – coloured board


 The method:

  1. Roll the gift and wrap it in the brown tissue paper.doughnut-gift-wrapping-4
  2. Shape it like doughnut and stick with sticky tape.doughnut-gift-wrapping-5
  3. Trace a rough circle on the white tissue paper and draw the dripping icing. Cut this out. It takes a few tries to get the size right. doughnut-gift-wrapping-3 doughnut-gift-wrapping-7
  4. Stick it on the doughnut.
  5. Add the sprinkles, we used the punched-out bits from a binder.doughnut-gift-wrapping-6
  6. Stick the sprinkles on the white icing.doughnut-gift-wrapping-8
  7. Add the pink tissue paper to the box.
  8. Close the box and tie it with a ribbon. doughnut-gift-wrapping-11
  9. Ta-da.doughnut-gift-wrap-1
  10. Do not eat.

Happy wrapping.

Mia & Blair



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