Easter Just Went Pink

When you spend most of your day with a five-year-old girl, pink is a very prominent colour in your life and your Easter it would seem.

Easter just went pink pin

We had such fun putting this Easter tea table together. We started with the pink ceramic bunny, who then needed some friends. The white we had, but the small ones were found at Mr. Price Home. By using a variety of cake stands, we were able to create height.

Easter Just went pink bunnies1

We made pink Rice Krispie cookies and cut them with the bunny cookie cutter. Of course there were Easter eggs, we love the white ones and added a pink ribbon.

Pink Bunny Rice Krispie

pink easter eggs

The bulbs are from Woolworths. Just when we think they can’t get any cooler, they do this. Can’t wait for the Hyacinths to bloom.

Hyacinths Bulbs

The milk bottles were dipped in watery icing sugar and then dipped in pink vermicelli. Paper straws will forever be awesome. The little wooden bunnies have been living in the craft closet for quite some time and were very happy to be let out.

Pink Milk Bottles

The pink fan-bursts are favourites and we use them with most of our pink functions. Like the honeycombs, they are super easy to store. We love the pom-poms too, but we always squash them when we try to store them.

Fan Bursts

We used bunny cookie cutters as serviette rings and added pink washi tape to the wooden forks.

Bunny napkin holder 2

Have a happy Easter!


Mia &  Blair

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