Everyday I’m Hustlin’

It’s June and it’s crazy. Where did the last six months go? The halfway mark is a good time to review, adjust and rethink our goals. You remember those? The ones you made on a cheery night amidst the firecrackers and the bubbly?

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We’re pretty sure life has thrown a few curveballs, good and bad, your way by this time. What has changed? What happened to the exercise plan? What goal haven’t you even started? We need to re-evaluate where we are and re-adjust our planning, because we don’t want to get to the end of the year and go, ‘oh crap, I forgot about that.’

Find your goal list or if you didn’t write one in January it might be a good idea to write it now. Try to remember what you wanted to do. We do believe it’s important to write them down. It makes them concrete. It makes your goals tangible. So here is a nifty worksheet to print out and complete. Stick it up where you will see it everyday. You can download it here.Goals Worksheet 2016
Playing catch-up:

We need to get back on track. Your list might be unchanged since January, but you can catch-up. Ask yourself, which of these goals are going to be easiest to achieve? Some of these goals, like: throw out the old clothes, might be easier or faster to achieve than a weight loss goal for example. Do the easy stuff first, the sooner you cross one thing off the list, the sooner you’ll be wanting to tackle the next.

Some goals, like the weight loss, will take longer to achieve. What can you do today that sets you on the path to achieving your long term goal? Do you need to call a dietician to help you with a health plan? Pick one thing you can do TODAY to achieve a long term goal. For example, we want to exercise at least three times a week, but we are struggling with that. The internet has a wealth of diet and exercise information. We love Jillian Michaels for exercise, so we will find a new workout to inspire us again. If you are stuck in a rut find something to excite you again. Use your head though, about things you find on the internet. It might be a good idea to chat to a doctor about exercise and diet advice.

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What other goals do you want to achieve? Perhaps you want to spend more time doing arts and crafts with your kids. This is on our list almost every year, but sometimes weeks go by as life intrudes and we don’t get to it. Planning helps in this case. Find projects to inspire you and your kids. Buy new exciting art supplies, that always gets us excited to start a new project. These are our Pinterest boards, which keep us inspired, Clever Kids  and Kid N’ Play.

Keep your goal list visible and spend time every week deciding what you are going to do to achieve your goals.

Keep hustlin’. Achieving your goals is an everyday thing.

Everyday I'm Hustlin

Download the printable here.

Keep hustlin’ Happy Go Lucky Clubbers,

Mia & Blair


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