Felt Story Board Gift Wrap

We loved felt story boards as children. It was one of our favourite storytelling activities and we wanted to find a way to share that love with our kids. We also know that kids like playing with the boxes their toys come in, more than they like playing with the gift so we decided to make the gift wrap into a toy, a felt story board to be precise. We made a cupcake, but the ideas are endless and Pinterest is a great source for templates and felt-cutting tutorials. We included links below.

Felt Story Board Gift Wrap 2

You can make this as decorative or as simple as you like. You can add a different topping to the cupcakes with beads or glitter glue. The kids will be happy to help and make some suggestions, we are sure.

The tutorials for the felt-cutting look amazing, you’ll need freezer paper, which we haven’t used or bought.

You need:

Felt – colours depend on your chosen design.

Sharp scissors



Chosen template


  1. Wrap the gift in a big piece of felt.
  2. Secure the folded ends with the ribbon. This can be tricky; an extra pair of hands would be useful.
  3. Find your design online and print it out. We used cupcakes.
  4. Cut out the design.
  5. Trace or draw your chosen design on the felt with the pencil. You can use this tutorial for a simple method.
  6. Cut out the felt pieces. Sharp scissors are really important.
  7. Arrange the felt pieces on the gift.

This is the template we used.


Here is another tutorial to check out.
Ice cream cone felt board- thebbm

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