Free Father’s Day Card

It’s Father’s Day tomorrow and we have the final touch for your gift. We are sure your gift is perfect, but we can make it even cooler. Download and print our free father’s day card today. This is going to make your dad’s day super special. We made two cards, one that appeals to the dark side of our humour. Hehe, dark side. And it’ll be a hit if your dad is a Star Wars fan.

instagram darth vader father's day card

happy fathers's day card

Click on the picture to download the card.

We also have a sweet card for you, if your dad doesn’t know who Darth Vader is. Hey, some people have this problem. Don’t judge. We’re all about the love here.
happy father's day card heart

Click on the picture to download the card.

We hope you have an awesome day planned for your dad, but in case you forgot, or if you are broke, or if you want to add a few freebies to make his day even cooler. Here are a few ideas that won’t cost you a cent.

1) Foot massage, back scratch or back massage. Every dad has his weakness, use this to your financial advantage.
2) Picnic in the garden. Raid your mom’s pantry. If your dad isn’t outdoorsy, host the picnic in the lounge. Make sure to make his favourite sandwiches.
3) Wrap the TV remote and give him a voucher for unitterrupted viewing. Carefully consider the time limit as he’ll hold you to it.
4) Offer your IT skills to your technology-challenged father. Spend some time with your dad’s phone or laptop and fix it. You know his machine can work faster. Help him out, but do make sure he knows what you did.
5) If all else fails wash the car. With soap. Take pictures so that you can remind him of your servitude.
6) Mow the lawn. Yes, you do actually know where the mower is.

And you can take a look at our previous Father’s day posts for more inspiration.

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And you can still get a voucher from Yuppichef.

We hope you have a super fun day planned for your dad.


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