From To-Do to To-Done

From To-Do to To-Done – how making lists keeps us sane and organised.

We spend Sunday nights making lists. To-do-this, to-do-that. Lists help us through our week and make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be, with the correct equipment, lunch boxes and shoes. Shoes, we always seem to be sorting shoes: ballet shoes, golf shoes, tennis shoes.

And those are just the people lists, there are dinner and grocery lists, errands-to-run and laundry-to-pick-up lists. Lots of lists for the house and then there are our job requirements. More lists. Return call, reply to an email, confirm a meeting. A never ending list of stuff to do, but we are lost without those lists. We even have a list to remind us of the lists we have to make. Sounds crazy, but kids, husband, dinner, job, blog and sanity need planning.

Lists simplify our thoughts and our actions and keep us grounded and help us to feel less overwhelmed and more in control. Without them, we forget stuff and that seems to snowball. Our week collapses. Have we convinced you yet of the importance of lists?

Done list to-do list

Here are a few of our favourite listing and planning tools, because planning is more fun when you write on pretty things:


checklist_1024x1024 mstudio to-do list

Buy here.

Weekly Planner:

weekly-planner_grande mstudio to-do list

Buy here.

Monthly Planner:

desk-calender_1024x1024 mstudio to-do list

Buy here. has a store at Duncan Yard in Hatfield, or you can shop online.

Some people prefer online planning tools, but we’re pen and paper girls when it comes to planning.

Now, all of this sounds very important and business-like, but we decided to add a little list that does a few other things as well. This is our Heart list for this week. Yes, we still have other things to get done, but here are the things we want to do first. When our hearts are happy, our chores are less laborious. Among all the doing and ticking we should remember to take care of few more important things. Happy hearts. Happy homes.

happy heart to-do listWe hope you enjoy our Heart list:

  • Hug your kid and your dog
  • Make a stranger smile
  • Look in the mirror and smile
  • Call your mom, just because
  • Compliment your partner
  • Thank a friend, for being your friend
  • Pick a flower and give it to somebody





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