A gift with a whole lot of Bounce

There are few things in life as coveted as the Bounce sock. It is not just a blue and yellow sock with squishy non-slip buttons on the sole. Oh, no, it is much more than that. It is a declaration of cool. It is a statement to establish your status. It is a way of telling everyone: I have been to Bounce.

Whether you wear them with flip-flops that create a ninja toe or whether you wear them with your sneakers to social events even though the socks clearly do not match your shoes or your outfit, you are saying: I Bounce. I Bounce high. I Bounce low. I Bounce off the walls. I Bounce, because there is no other way to move.

Bounce Socks

And because bouncing seems to be the activity of choice for anyone over two and under 100 we have been bouncing around to a few birthday parties and of course, we had to make a plan to create some appropriate gift wrap. We give you: THE BOUNCE SOCK.

What you will need:

A gift, preferably in a sturdy box. Use a shoe box if the gift doesn’t come in a box.

Tissue paper – blue and yellow

Stick-on bobbly bits. We used half pearl stickers.

Yellow spray paint

Foam letters


Sticky tape


Bounce SockWhat you need to do:

  1. Spray the bobbly bits. We used half pearl stickers we bought at Her Annies. They are scrapbooking embellishments. We painted them yellow to match the Bounce colours.
  2. Wrap the gift in the blue tissue.
  3. Wrap the lower section in yellow tissue.
  4. Measure and find the middle of the box.
  5. Stick your rows. Make a mark every few centimetres. We placed a sticker every 1.5 cm. This will vary depending on the size of the gift. Make light marks with a pencil to keep your lines straight and use a ruler to keep you in line.
  6. Add the word Bounce with the foam letters.
  7. We wrote the birthday boy’s name on the yellow in blue.
  8. The foam letters were stickers too. Use glue if yours aren’t sticky.

Bounce Sock

It helps to keep a Bounce sock handy for reference.If you haven’t been to Bounce, or never seen these socks, the yellow dots on the bottom are non-slip bobbles. Like you get on baby socks. And well, now you know why everyone is wearing those bright socks. We hope you will be bouncing into a pair of your own soon.

Have a happy day,

Mia & Blair

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