Gift Wrap so Pretty it Will be Hard to Let it Go

We love simple gift wrap. Sometimes. There are times when we get carried away and we build a unicorn or a dragon. True story, but that is only when we have the time. Most often the family is already in the car, with Dad backing out the driveway while we’re still looking for the sticky tape.

Disney Frozen Gift Wrap Idea So there are times when we love a simpler idea, like this Frozen gift wrap.

You need:

Tissue paper, Elsa blue, 2 sheets or more, depending on the size of your gift

Ribbon, also Elsa blue, silver or white will also work

White paper

Sticky tape


Step 1. Wrap the gift in tissue paper.

Step 2. Cut Snowflakes.

Step 3.  Lay the snowflake on the gift and gently tie the ribbon.

Step 4. Ta-da!

Disney Frozen Gift Wrap Idea

This can all be done in the car on the way to the party, another true story, as long as you’re not driving, of course.

Happy Frozen fun,

Mia and Blair

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