Hello world!

Mia & Blair

When we met in Pretoria in 2009 we had no idea that this friendship would lead us to The Happy Go Lucky Club.

This blog is all the about the beautiful things we find and make and the awesome people who share our town. We write about other towns too, but Pretoria is our first love.

In the real world Mia is a writer and Blair is a speaker agent, but they prefer to ignore the real world and blog instead. Add two happy husbands, four rock star kids and a whole lot of wine later and here we are, living in Pretoria and loving it.

Why Pretoria?

We think Pretoria is the unsung hero of South Africa. Everyone always talk about Cape Town and Jo’burg, but we want to talk about our town.

Why did you start The Happy Go Lucky Club?

We love all things online. Blair breathes it, Mia teaches it. We love making, finding and sharing beautiful things.

Why is it a club?

We desperately wanted to be part of clubs when we were small, but we never met anyone who had a club. So we started this one so that we can finally be part of one. We are working out the handshake, watch this space.

We are happy that you are sharing this journey with us. We hope you will come to love our town as much as we do.


Mia & Blair

2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Natalie says:

    Cannot believe I only discovered your blog now – like a decade later in social media years. Missed out on how to totally copy your magnificent Easter table. Aargh! So, trying to convince my five year old to have an Eloise party (the little girl from The Plaza…). She wants a Rapunzel party… Styling ideas, please! Love, love, love your blog. Might even be inspired to cross the Jukskei to implement your creative genius… 🙂

  2. Mia & Blair says:

    We can totally relate to trying to persuade our children into certain parties themes! What’s the verdict, Eloise or Rapunzel? We love parties and would love to help!

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