How to Grow Indoor Bulbs

We love indoor bulbs and they are super easy to grow.

How to grow indoor bulbs

Here’s what you’ll need:



Glass container


bulb glass vase rocks watering can 1


Step 1: Arrange the pebbles in the glass container

pebbles in a glass container

Step 2: Place the bulbs on the pebbles, root side down. Try to keep them all at the same level.

plant bulb

Step 3: Add enough water, so that he roots touch the water, but the bulb should not be submerged.

add water to bulbs

Step 4: Place the container in a warm spot with lots of natural light.

blubs in a glass vase with water
Step 5: Check water level daily and wait for it to grow.

These bulbs were planted around the 7th of April. We will post more pictures as the bulbs grow. We’d love to see what you all are planting, so make sure to tag your pictures with #weplantedthat.

Happy planting,

Mia & Blair

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