How to Layer a Cheese Board

The only thing better than a cheese platter is a beautifully, crafted display of cheese on an exquisite serving apparatus meant exclusively for your consumption.


Yes, we take cheese seriously. We have spent countless hours going from a pile of cheese on a wooden board to the above mentioned display of cheese on a platter.

How to layer a cheese board -headerWhat you need:

  1. Board or platter of your choice. We used a long wooden plank bought at our local hardware store. Smile, the kind gentlemen cuts it to length and loads it in the car for you. We bought ours at Chamberlain’s.
  2. Rocket and other leafy bits.
  3. Pick cheeses in a variety of shapes and colours. Round for brie and camembert, rectangles like cream cheese, wedges like cheddar and gouda and edam. Chevin is awesome because it’s a roll.
  4. Ham and stuff (if you are a veggie-eater this is the step you skip.) We used parma ham, gypsy ham and salami. You want a variety of sizes, colours and textures.
  5. Crackers and biscuits, choose your favourites. Once again look for different shapes and textures.
  6. Jam, pickles and dips. We love sweet chill and cream cheese, humus and mustards.
  7. Fresh and dried fruit, and veggies. Also go for variety of shapes and colours. Apricots, apple rings are great dried and grapes and figs are prefect fresh. Choose whatever is in season for best results. Red mini tomatoes are awesome.
  8. Nuts and biltong (it’s like Jerky, but a million times better.) Yum.
  9. Nut brittle, this is the best part because we make our own.
  10. Cheese knives, small spoons and forks.

Step by step:

Step 1. Start with a clean board of your choice. We added candles because they’re gorgeous, but they also help keep the bugs away. These candles are lightly scented and are sold in Weck jars by Lardiere.

How to Layer a Cheese Board - Board

Step 2. Sprinkle the board with rocket.

How to layer a cheese board- add rocket

Step 3. Arrange the cheese. Play with the shapes and make sure you have an even spread. We use small plates or even the bottom of the butter dish for the super smelly juicy cheeses. We don’t want to stain our boards.

how to layer a cheese board - add cheeseStep 4. Add the meat. We fan the salami, wow that sounds weird, and separate the parma ham. We crumple it. Gypsy ham is rolled and folded. Put the ham near the cheeses. Start creating little collections. We used mini martini glasses with salmon mousse, these created height, and add colour and texture.

How to layer a cheese board - add meat

Step 5. Use crackers, dried and fresh fruit and veggies to fill up the remaining spaces. Once again, go for variety.

How to layer a cheese board - crackers and fruit copy

Step 6. Sprinkle nuts and biltong.

How to layer a cheese board - nuts and biltong

Step 7. Break the nut brittle into chunks and place on the board.

How to layer a cheese board - peanut brittle copyStep 8. Add the tools and cutting equipment and dig in.

how to layer a cheese board - tool1

Step 9. Don’t forget the wine and friends.

How to layer a cheese board - final

Here is a checklist of ingredients. Print it out and use it.




Mia & Blair


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