How to Make Character Meringues

You know that saying ‘no plan survives contact with the enemy’? Well, that is kind of what making character meringues are like for us.

how to make character meringues

We first tried it in December when we made Reindeer meringues.

We followed the instructions in the link above, but used our own meringue recipe.  We used brown powered food colouring because that was the only brown we could find on the day.
christmas reindeer meringues

Ingredients and instructions as per basic white meringues recipe, click here.

Extra ingredients:

Melting Chocolate

Eyes and noses – we bought candy that looked like small Astros.

Brown food colouring

Piping bag

We hadn’t worked with chocolate like this before and the only advice we’d give you is to not make the chocolate too hot as it becomes too runny and then you have to wait for it cool down a bit before it’ll keep its shape. Annoying to say the least.

christmas reindeer meringues

They came out awesome as did our little Christmas shindig. We also made salt dough gingerbread men ornaments which the kids decorated with glitter pens, correction pens (Tippex) and googly eyes that we bought at Waltons.

gingerbread manAnd we made cornflour stars, because we are obsessed with pure white star ornaments. The salt dough ones tend to be a creamy colour.

christmas tablescape salt dough cookies

We also made real gingerbread cookies, because even Santa’s helpers get hungry. We used icing, silver balls, mini snowflakes to decorate them.

Christmas cookie decorating

We’d love to hear what character meringues you’ve tried to make.


Mia & Blair

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