How to Wrap a Rabbit

We seem to be all about the bunny right now, but considering it’s the week before Easter it’s to be expected.

How to wrap a rabbit PIN

Mia’s mom’s birthday is just before Easter, and if your mom is anything like her mom, you’ll know how hard it is to find her a gift. But this year, we won.

Meet Mvundla, he was made by Carol Slabolepszy from My Hares and Graces. He is numbered, chipped(we kid you not) and delivered in this gorgeous hessian bag.

Meet Mvundla

You’ll notice that we love wrapping gifts and as you can see Mvunlda is what we would consider an odd-shaped gift. In other words, it’s a bitch to wrap.

Hessian Bag

We also don’t believe in spending a ton of money on wrapping paper and boxes. This thinking does not apply to ribbon. There is no limit to the amount of money we spend on ribbon.

Rabbit Wrap 1

But we love making-do with what we have, and the hessian bag was perfect for that. We needed something to add a smile and bit of flair to the wrapping. Trusty Woolworths came to the rescue with their micro veggies. A rabbit’s gotta eat, ya know? We added some twine and a card and went to a rather fabulous lunch at The Tin Roof Café.

Rabbit final


Mia & Blair

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  1. Hello….my name is Carol and I am the maker of the Mvundla that you so cleverly wrapped…I am charmed by your flair….BTW there are lots more weird shaped gifts where Mvundla came from….thank you, from My Hares and Graces

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