Indoor Bulb Update

We are happy to report that our indoor bulb project is right on track. Our enthusiasm for this occurrence might confuse you, but we are habitual killers of plants. Indoor or otherwise, but we keep trying.Indoor bulb update

These were planted, or shall we say artfully arranged amongst the pebbles, around the second week in April. You can find the instructions here. If you hurry you should still be able to put yours in.bulb update 2

These are about seven weeks old. You shouldn’t compare your children and you shouldn’t compare your bulbs. Some are long green leafy; others have just pushed their way into the world. We celebrate them all. Remember to keep them in a warm spot with lots of natural light. Most importantly keep them watered. The bulbs should not sit in the water, but should rest on top. They use more water than you think, so keep ‘em wet. Also the wider your container the more water will evaporate. Keep an eye on the levels.

indoor bulb update

Here are some more awesome ideas for indoor plants:

These are Hyacinths, they are super easy to grow and smell amazing. So amazing that it might become overwhelming in a small space.

These are also Hyacinths, beautifully pink ones. There is much to be said for so many bulbs in one container. We tend to add fewer bulbs for the bigger bulbs, but as you can see there is no such thing as too many flowers.


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Plant your own Keukenhof. These beautiful flowers will be as beautiful at home on your windowsill as they are in Holland.

Ok, this is next level. We never even considered planting a Water Lily indoors but, you can be sure we’ll be trying this soon.

A note: we didn’t force our bulbs. ‘Forcing’ is a process of cooling the bulb before planting it. We planted them straight from the packet. Maybe next year we’ll do an experiment to see which process works best. Here is a handy guide:

Happy bulbing,

Mia & Blair

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