Jillian Michaels and our bid for world domination and jeans that fit

Life, being what it is, we dream of chocolate and wine and lots of carbs. We of course prefer eating these things instead of dreaming about them, but our jeans don’t agree. Enter Jillian Michaels. She offers a form of ritualised torture that makes us feel and look better. All this in just twenty minutes a day.

This is however, not only an exercise-is-good-for-you post. It’s a collection of posters that can change your life too.

Jillian Michaels has a programme called the 30 Day Shred. It’s a simple concept. There are three levels, and you do each level for ten days. It’s only 20 minutes a day and you get serious results. Add an eating plan and your jeans will love you.

In Level One Jillian Michaels takes us through the exercises and no joke, it’s hectic. She makes you work, but she’s brilliant. During the last few minutes of the session, when you feel like you are going to die, but in a good way, she is super encouraging. She knows how tired you are. She says:

You're Strong Poster This is easy for you You can do thisWe love these messages and we’ve stuck them up over our desks. This is brilliant to keep in mind, for everything in your life. Not just your exercise routine. When your boss calls during suicide hour and you burn dinner and your youngest is drawing on the walls, glance up at your posters. When it’s time for your presentation and you are nervous, glance at your phone and read your screen saver.

It’s easy to feel as if life has the upper hand and that we’re helpless, but we’re not. We’re strong, we can do this and actually, it’s easy for us. So pat yourself on the back for a change. Toss the burnt dinner in the bin and order take-out. Buy a frame for your kid’s art on your wall. Tell someone you rocked your presentation.

Now, click on the posters to download them, print them out and start your bid for world domination.



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