Lavender Wreath Gift Wrap

If you have a garden, we recommend planting lavender. Lots and lots of lavender. The uses are endless and the flowers look and smell beautiful. The plants are pretty hardy too, as professional plant killers we are happy to report these guys are still alive. For now. We made a lavender wreath to use as gift wrap and loved it.

Here’s how we made our lavender wreath:

lavender wreath1

You will need:

Purple tissue paper

Sticky tape

Lots of lavender, you need pretty long stems

Fishing line



  1. Wrap the gift.
  2. Organise your lavender. You’ll be using small bunches of about 10-12 stems. The flowery heads should be together.
  3. Put the bunches within reach.
  4. Take the first bunch and gently tie it with fishing line.
  5. Add a second bunch just below it. Secure it with the fishing line. You can just wrap it around the stems.
  6. Keep doing this. It’ll create a long string of bunches. Make sure to secure each new bunch.
  7. Start working it into a circle.
  8. Once you have closed the circle, wrap the fishing line around the whole wreath once again.
  9. Cut and tuck-in the stems that are still sticking out.
  10. Tie with a purple ribbon.
  11. We left the wreath loose on the gift, but you can tie it down with more ribbon.

lavender wreathLavender Wreath Gift Wrap Pin

If we haven’t convinced you of the necessity of planting lavender here are a few more images encourage you.

lavender weath

via Pinterest

Here is a link to another lavender wreath tutorial. It’s different to ours because we don’t use a round base, but it might make it easier for you.

Enjoy your wreath-making.



Lavender Wreath Gift Wrap Pin

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