Lucky Rodrigo

We love burgers and we love milkshakes, so it makes sense that we love Lucky Rodrigo in Menlo Park.

Lucky Rodrigo The interior can be described as Grandma’s house went grunge with a good dash of Spur. Relax, there is no jungle gym. The food is served in pans, we assume were salvaged from a once a upon a time Ocean Basket and they serve box wine. It’s classy box wine because it is served in individual portions. Like juice boxes for adults. Happiness is…
lucky rodrigo outside porch lucky rodrigo insideThey make the milkshakes using Steri-stumpie and seriously, it’s the best milkshake in Pretoria. lucky rodrigo milkshake

The burgers are big and beefy with proper sesame buns and good old fashioned steakhouse chips. Oh, and there is a bar.

lucky rodrigo bar

You can find them on Facebook here and on the web here.

Get there. Try everything.

Mia & Blair

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