How to make a flower crown for the birthday girl!

As a kid, the best part of your birthday was wearing a crown for the whole day and we can’t see why that should stop when you grow up. We made some flower crowns and the birthday girls loved it. We also added a big bunch of flowers because we couldn’t get enough of these yellow roses. We’re having a yellow week, but you can, of course, choose use any colour you like. These crowns work well for fairies, princesses and adults who prefer unicorns.Yellow flower crown

What you will need for a flower crown:

Olive branches

Small, transparent elastic bands

Rosemary twigs

Yellow roses


Yellow flower crown

Follow these steps to make your flower crown:

  1. Shape the crown by twisting the branches into a circle shape. Measure the size of the crown on your head if need be.
  2. Tie the branches together with the elastic bands.
  3. Make a small arrangement with the roses and rosemary twigs. Tie it with the elastic bands.
  4. Attached the arrangement to the wreath.
  5. Add the ribbons.
  6. Sing ‘Happy Birthday’.

We made another crown, using the same method, but using longer rosemary twigs, instead of the olive branches.

We used the rest of the roses to make a big bunch of flowers.

Yellow flower crown

For the bunch of flowers we used:

Yellow roses

Lemon Verbena


Yellow tissue paper

A big sheet of white paper

Broad yellow ribbon

Narrow yellow ribbon


Plastic bag

Elastic bands

How to tie your bunch of flowers:

  1. Arrange the roses, lemon verbena and rosemary.
  2. Tie it with an elastic band.
  3. Layer the yellow tissue over the white paper and wrap the flowers.
  4. Fill the plastic bag with water.
  5. Tie the bag over the base of the flowers.
  6. Put the brown paper bag over the plastic bag.
  7. Tie the ribbon.
  8. Add the card.
  9. Ta-da!

Yellow flower crown Yellow Roses Yellow flower crown Yellow Roses

Happy wrapping!

Mia & Blair

Yellow flower crown

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