Minions – The most despicable wrapping ever

It is safe to assume, that we all agree, that there is nothing on earth cooler, cuter, funnier and sweeter than minions. Seriously, they make you want to yell, ‘banana’ every time you walk past a banana in the grocery store.



We had some fun in our wrapping studio this week making our own minion gift wrap and we can’t get enough of these little guys. We made a minion with one eye, like Kevin or Stuart, but if your gift is big enough you can make one with two eyes, like Dave or Phil. Again, depending on the size of the gift you can tailor the wrapping to resemble a specific minion, for example, Phil, who is taller.


What you need for your minions:


A gift in a box

Yellow tissue paper

Black cardboard

White cardboard

Outer ring of a Consol lid

Denim duct tape, or denim fabric or paper with a denim print, if you don’t have the tape.Denim Duck Tape Sticky tape


Double sided tape

How to make your minions:

  1. Wrap the gift in yellow tissue paper.
  2. Stick the denim duct tape in the shape a dungaree.
  3. Trace the Consol lid to make a white circle and cut it out.
  4. Cut two smaller black circles. One for the eye and a slightly bigger one for the mouth.
  5. Position the white circle and stick it down.
  6. Stick down the black circle to make the pupil.Minion
  7. Position the second black circle and stick the mouth.
  8. Apply double sided to the bottom of the Consol ring and stick it on the edge of the white circle.
  9. Cut the black cardboard to look like hair. We choose Stuart because his hair is neatly combed.
  10. Stick it down with double-sided tape.
  11. Ta-da!


If you are in any doubt as to the suitably of minions as birthday accompaniments, please watch the video below:

Enjoy the minions.

Minions Gift Wrap

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