My Life is Brilliant

Your life is brilliant. Yes, you. We’re talking, to you. And we’re talking about your life. Your life is brilliant and we wanted to remind you of that. We’re all rushing from place to place. We are busy. We are tired. We are overwhelmed. Why?

Because we accomplish an insane amount everyday. Take a look around you. What have you accomplished today? Some days, are easier. You can tick off a list and say, you finished this or you did that. Other days, if everyone is wearing underwear when they leave the house, it’s a win.

Your life is truly brilliant. Some of us are brilliant planners, some of us wing-it. Do whatever works for you. Not her. Not her or her. What works for you. It doesn’t matter what the other people think needs to be done. Do your own thing. It’s your life. And it’s brilliant. There is a theme here. You might have noticed. And you noticed, because you are brilliant. Because your life is brilliant.

We often forget to take a step back and remind ourselves what we have accomplished. And that is your task today. Yes, we are giving you homework. Download the nifty printable here and write a list of all the things you are proud of. Write down your achievements, small and big. Even if the lists starts with “I did not lose my shit when…”

My life is brilliant Done list

Your Life is Brilliant | Done list

Mia’s list:

I remembered to take the 3D glasses to the movies so we didn’t have to buy yet another set for the family.

I got my family off the couch on Sunday and we went cycling.

I plotted the first draft of a new story this weekend.

I unpacked, matched and repacked the Tupperware cupboard last week.

 Blair’s list:

I started packing for our move in one week. And I labelled the boxes.

I spent a tech-free afternoon with my family.

I built a sandcastle on the beach with my daughter.

We are celebrating the small joys today. Small joys and big triumphs, because those are the things that make your life beautiful. Here is a nifty little poster to remind you of that.

My Life is Brilliant poster

My Life is Brillant Poster



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