No-wrap wrapping for odd-shaped gifts

Sometimes we have a gorgeous gift, but it is an odd shape. This watering can is an example of one of those, luckily the watering can is pretty enough to show off. You can, of course, find a nice box and put the watering can inside and then wrap that.

We love not-wrapping as much as we love wrapping. Pretty gifts deserved to be displayed.


This watering can is perfect for someone who has many indoor plants or is an avid gardener. We added the small gardening tools and filled the watering can with a bunch of sweet peas. It smelled gorgeous and looked spectacular.


The simplicity of this is what we really enjoy. You can use any flowers that are available and add ribbons or a set of gloves, perhaps even a nice hat. Anything a gardener would enjoy.

Happy not-wrapping.

Mia & Blair

no-wrap watering can


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