#oncourse with The Happy Go Lucky Club and Alida Ryder from Simply Delicious


We love learning and we will always keep looking for new things. We are serial course attendees, but we can’t always find the course we want so we have decided to create our own. On the 3rd of September, we hosted our first event: a food demonstration with Alida Ryder from Simply Delicious, #oncourse.


We combined this with our small table setting obsession and had an awesome day.


Here is what we did with the table:

We wanted to use as many spring and garden flowers as we could. Our sweet peas were glorious and very purple so that was what dictated our colour choice. The jasmine had just started to bloom and although the trumpets are white, the bases are a beautiful deep purple. And then, of course, the hero of the spring garden had just bloomed, namely the Wisteria. We added: two big aloes, that were due to be re-potted, rock roses, a variety of green plants, purple orchids, lavender, and rosemary. We bought stocks, small cabbages, lisianthus and green asparagus ferns. And moss was the cover-up we used.


We used a narrow, wooden plank as the base, most the elements were loose so we used it to keep it all together.

We used a shallow dish for the middle, this had to be big enough for the orchids and the aloes.


We used several smaller dishes for the ends.

First, we placed the aloes and the orchids in the middle, then we built it up from there.

Next, we placed the potted greens and small plants and candles.

Once the pots were in place we used them to keep the asparagus fern in place. We wedged them under the pots. They don’t need a lot of water and kept well.


In the centre, we filled the spaces between the aloes and we filled the smaller dishes with water and added the flowers. The jasmine and wisteria were arranged and gave us the shape of the arrangements. We followed their path with the rest of the flowers.

We kept filling in until it was done and them we added the moss.

oncourse-spring-table-setting-moss We made name tags and used purple ribbon to tie the serviettes. The stocks were our final touch.


This was our menu and most of the recipes are available on Simply Delicious or in Alida’s cookbook Cook from the Heart:

oncourse with alida ryder menu


oncourse-with-alida-foodWe had an amazing day and hope you will be able to join us for the next one.



Mia & Blair

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