Pack your bags, we’re going camping

When a certain little man turned one, he invited us to a camp out and we made a backpack for the gift wrap. Here is how we did it:

camping backpack instructions

You need:

One brown gift bag, the kind with rope handles.
One sheet of matching brown cardboard.
Length of ribbon, enough for straps and buckle.
Two buttons.
Double-sided tape.


1. Remove the string handles from the gift bag.
2. Use a dinner plate to trace the rounded shape of the flap. Leave a rectangle at the edge of the half circle to glue down at the back.
3. Cut a rectangle for the pocket on the front.
4. Cut a slit in the middle of the front flap near the edge, for the buckle. Be careful.
5. Cut two slits on the bottom of the back of the bag for the straps to slide through. We inserted a thick piece of board into the bag to make the cuts. Be careful.
6. Stick two strips of double-sided tape onto the rectangular part of the flap. Stick it onto the back part of the bag.
7. Use a glue stick to stick on the front pocket.
8. Use double sided tape to attach the ribbon to the pocket and flap.
9. Stick on the buttons.
10. Make sure to add the gift before sealing the back pack with double-sided tape.

back of camping backpack camping backpack

We also made mini tent wrapping.

You need:

One brown paper bag.
One coloured piece of board.
A piece of string, we used one we removed from the gift bag.


1. Put the gift inside the bag. Fold and seal.
2. Fold the coloured paper to fit over the bag and cut to size.
3. Place the string under the paper. Stick down with double-sided tape.
4. Ta-da!

camping backpack with tent

Happy camping and keep an eye out for our Camping Party Post.

Mia & Blair

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