Roastmasters Coffee Bar

It’s still winter and we are sort of over it. So as a consolation we have treated ourselves to numerous coffees. Roastmasters Coffee Bar in Menlo Park is our newest favourite haunt. It’s cosy, and the coffee and wifi are strong.

roastmasters coffee bar

We should also mention that our office is possibly the coldest room on earth so we are partial to warm workspaces where people offer us caffeine and baked goods.

roastmasters coffee bar bar

The food is simple and well-priced, and the croissants have been approved by our resident six-year-old croissant expert. You can also order a simple cheese and tomato toasted sandwich, which is a relief in a world filled with huge portion sizes, overdressed plates, and inflated prices.

roastmasters menu


The carrot cake is next-level awesome and filled with lots of nuts and chewy bits.

roastmasters carrot cake

It feels like walking into an old apothecary. The shelves are filled with old books, bottles and jars that look they were once filled with potions. We just love everything about it.

roastmasters coffee bar book shelf


They roast their own coffee and you can buy your own beans to grind and brew, or just brew at home.

roastmasters coffee bar coffee menu

There are couches to chill on or you can work at one of the high tables. There are plenty of plugs for your laptop and coffee on tap. One can’t ask for a better coffee bar. Find them on the web here or on Facebook.

roastmasters coffee bar interior

Do yourself a favour and go check them out. And don’t forget…

life is too short for bad coffee1

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