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Our schools closed for the winter holidays on Friday. It’s only been one weekend and already the possibility of square-eyed children has become a reality. We need to stop it now. During the school term screen time is not such a problem, because the kids are busy with homework and sports. But, there is only so much Princess Sofia these mommies can handle so we made a plan. If it were summer they’d be in the pool and we’d be begging them to come in at mid-day, but winter certainly poses a new challenge.

Also, the kids seem to think screen time is a right, not a privilege so they need to be held more accountable. We made an Earn your screen time printable for you. Click on the picture to download.

earn-your-screen-time-girls-copy earn-your-screen-time-boys

How it works:

The first five activities on the list are easy, just making sure the basics get done.

Have breakfast:

We went through our breakfast routine and we explained what we expect. “Take your vitamins” is part of this routine and only once their dishes are in the sink do they get to mark it off.

Brushing hair and teeth:

Same goes for brushing hair and teeth. Their tooth- and hairbrushes need to be tidied away before they can mark it off.

Making the bed:

Age should be your guide here. The older the kid, the neater the bed.

Getting dressed:

We expect our kids to dress themselves, but they are old enough. You might need to help a younger kiddo. They get to mark this off only when their dirty clothes are in the laundry hamper.

We set a time limit for the next activities. Vary this according to the age of your kids.

Drawing, making and playing outside:

We spend 30 minutes on each of the following: drawing, building and paying outside. They can build with any material they choose, from Lego to couch cushions. We found an awesome 30 day Lego challenge to inspire the kids.


We spend about 20 minutes on reading. The idea is that your child gets to spend time with their books on their own. If they can’t read this means paging through the books. If you want to spend the time reading to them that is also awesome.

The best part of this list is that they forget about the time once they start with the activity, and we forget to remind them. Hehehe. Give a momma a break.

We hope this list will help make your holiday a little more peaceful.

Have a happy week,



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