We All Scream for Ice Cream Gift Wrap

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream gift wrap. It’s summer down here in the southern half of the globe and we are enjoying the sunny skies. When it’s this hot we indulge in lots and lots of ice cream. We found this great dress at Cotton On with an ice cream print and it turned into the perfect gift for a summery birthday party.

ice-cream-gift-wrap 1

This is what you need:

A gift that can be shaped into a ball.ice cream gift wrap 2

Tissue paper in your favourite flavour. Hehe.

Brown board.

Washi tape.

A sheet of white paper.

Glue and tape.

Red pom-pom.

 This is what you must do:

  1. Shape the gift into a ball.ice cream gift wrap 2
  2. Wrap it in tissue paper to make the ice cream scoop.
  3. Cut and shape a cone from brown cardboard.ice cream gift wrap 3
  4. Stick the washi tape in a cone-like pattern.ice cream gift wrap 4
  5. Cut the cone to the right length.
  6. Add the scoop and glue it to the cone.
    ice cream gift wrap 5
  7. Draw a splash on the white paper.ice-scream-gift-wrap
  8. Cut it out and stick it on the scoop.ice cream gift wrap 9
  9. Stick on the red pom-pom.
  10. Enjoy!ice-cream-scream-8

If the gift or scoop is too heavy, you can stuff the cone with tissue to strengthen it.

Happy Wrapping!

Mia & Blair


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