What do Sven, Olaf and Jabba Hutt have in common?

By January 2016 we had collectively attended about 14 Frozen birthday parties. That is a lot of blue candy people and we all know what happens to blue candy, right?
Well, you can only fight a trend for so long. It was time for a Frozen party of our own. Luckily, the five-year-old birthday girl agreed.

Sven Olaf Jabba Hutt Meringues

We had fun making macarons and royal icing cookies, there was swearing too.

Sevn Olaf meringues frozen party macarons royal icing

We decided to try our hand some more character meringues and TA-DA. We made Sven and a melted Olaf.  The carrot is compulsory for both.

Olaf and Sevn Meringues Frozen Party

To make Sven, we used our basic white meringue recipe and added brown food colouring.

 Extra ingredients:

Melting chocolate

Fondant eyes – store bought or you can just use the Astros like we did at Christmas

Fondant carrots – Bought at Jimnettes


Piping bag

Paint brush

Ice cream stick/teaspoon with a round end


  1. Follow the instructions of the basic white meringue. Add the brown food colouring.
  2. Pipe it into the reindeer shape.
  3. Use a wooden ice cream stick to flick out ears to make a more Sven-like reindeer.
  4. Add eyes and carrots.
  5. If it looks nothing like Sven yet, that is ok. The chocolate in the end really helps.
  6. Dry them in the oven.
  7. Make the antlers and keep them in the fridge. I used this template for the first few, but did them freehand after that.
  8. Make extra. They break easily.
  9. Save a bit of chocolate to use as glue for the antlers and for the noses.
  10. Once the meringues are done allow them to cool.
  11. Dip the noses in chocolate and paint the bridge and forehead.
  12. Attach the antlers.
  13. Have small five-year-old girls worship at your feet.

For Olaf, we again used our basic white meringue recipe.

Extra ingredients:

Fondant eyes – store bought or you can just use the Astros like we did at Christmas

Fondant carrots –Bought at Jimnettes

Squiggly pretzels


  1. Follow the instructions of the basic white meringue recipe.
  2. Pipe into a puddle shape.
  3. Add eyes, carrot noses and pretzel arms.
  4. Put them in the oven and wait.
  5. Ta-da. They are done.

For the Star Wars party we made Jabba the Hutt meringues. He seemed to be the easiest character to make out of blobs. He wasn’t our greatest success, but all the kids knew immediately who he was so we’ll consider it a win.

Star Wars party tableWe used our basic white meringue recipe and added green food colouring.

 Extra ingredients:

Green fondant stars

Green pearls

Extra tools:



  1. We piped Jabba-like blobs onto the baking tray.
  2. We used the back of a teaspoon to shape the eyes. There is no way to describe how to do that except to say push up on the sides and push down in the middle to form the eye sockets.
  3. Add the pearls for eyes.
  4. Add the star hands. Only allow three spikes to show.
  5. Make nostrils with toothpicks. I cut them in half.
  6. Dry in oven.
  7. Once the have cooled, remove the toothpicks.
  8. They now look like Jabba. Sort of.

Star Wars jabba the hutt meringues

Have a happy day,

Mia and Blair

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