The Force Was With Us

When faced with the prospect of 10 eight-year-old boys in your house for a day one pauses for a moment, to contemplate the magnitude of that decision. And then, one ignores all rational thought and proceeds with the plan. The plan being, a Star Wars birthday party.

star wars party idea

Pinterest offered a wealth of really cool ideas and of course we had the necessary pin fails, amongst them a Death Star pinata that didn’t quite last more than three hits.

Our Jabba the Hutt meringues looked more like a combination of Toad from Wind in the Willows and the Grinch, but the boys managed to identify them as Jabba, so we consider it a win.

Star Wars jabba the hutt meringues

We did lose a day of our lives sticking eyes on the gold coin Cp3O heads, but how cool are they?

Star Wars cp30 gold coins

The Wookie Cookies were a treat, but not as easy as I’d imagined and the Storm trooper marshmallows took forever, but we still had fun. You can find instructions for the Wookie Cookies on the Nifty Spoon.

Star Wars Wookie Cookie The gum paste Yoda, made by That Cake Lady, was the crowning glory. He stood 30 cm tall (well as tall and Yoda can be) and was surrounded by perfect, hand made (no moulds) Star Wars cup cake toppers. Yes, we were impressed.

Yoda cake star wars party

Star Wars R2D2 cookies Star Wars 3CPO cookies

This was also the first time we worked with edible printing. We bought the clip art via Etsy. Check out the gorgeous figures that we stuck on marie biscuits with royal icing. No jokes and no baking butter cookies. Major time saver. The handy part was that we had a circle punch the was the perfect size for the cookie. Handy things like that make us happy and they tasted great. Our edible printing triumph came with the macarons. Black macarons with the Star Wars logo made Yoda feel right at home.

ediable printing star wars Star Wars character cookies star wars maracrons The sweets were black and yellow and in jars. The logo was made by  Rainbow Parties. We used a trestle table painted with chalkboard. The background was taped-together trash bags. (Normal people would have used a plastic table cloth, which would have been easier and needed less layering, but who said we were normal.) The day was a great success and the force was out in full force.

Star Wars party table


Mia & Blair

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