Truffle Kitchen – A Triumph of Truffles

When someone, in this case, the Truffle Kitchen, calls you up and asks if you want black, French truffles you say, hell yes. And then your next thought is, what the hell are we going to do with a black, French truffle?

Well, the box arrived. A white, polystyrene cube filled with cold packs and the unmistakable aroma of black, French truffles.

Truffle Kitchen

We became slightly obsessed. Mostly we had to find what the collective noun for truffles is. We found one guy who calls is a castle of truffles, but we found it lacked the occasion we required and have henceforth decided it shall be known as a Triumph of Truffles.

Once we overcame our terror of the beautiful black, pungent nubs we set to work.

Truffle Shaver

First, we had to figure out storage. Truffles have to be cool, but not wet. So we took them out of the packaging and put them in a container filled with uncooked rice. The rice keeps them dry without absorbing too much of the aroma. The aromatic, truffle-infused rice can be used in a dish of your choice after you have used the truffles.

Once the truffles were safe we started our research. Simplicity seemed to the consensus on the internet, and we asked an expert.

Junelle, from Lardiere Fine Foods said: “Use it like Parmesan. Keep simple.”

And when Junelle speaks we listen.

What we did with our Truffle Kitchen Truffles:

We eat scrambled eggs almost daily. This is seriously next level breakfast.

Truffle Eggs

Scrambled Eggs with Truffles

You need:



Tupper container




Olive oil


Add the eggs and truffles to a Tupper and leave it in the fridge. The truffles infuse the eggs and after a day or two, you can make truffle-flavoured scrambled eggs.

Toast the baguette in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil.

Add the eggs to the pan with lots of real butter and let the scrambling commence.

Garnish with greens and truffles.

Truffle Eggs

We also adore mushrooms and pasta. More so, if they are on the same plate.

Truffle and Mushroom Pasta:

You need:

Fancy mushrooms

Fresh pasta


Truffle oil

Salt and pepper



Cook the pasta according to packet instructions. Yes, we buy our pasta.

Sautee the mushrooms with lots of butter, a tiny dash of truffle oil, salt, and pepper.

Mix the pasta and mushrooms.

Garnish with greens.

Top with truffles.

Mushroom and Truffle Pasta

You must be wondering what this cool tool is. It is a truffle slicer. You can find a similar one at The Culinary Equipment Company. It is an amazing tool.

Truffle Shaver

Don’t waste a slither.

We didn’t want to waste a slither of the truffle and we searched for some ideas. Google knows all, but we found our answers in a good old book. Marita van der Vyver’s Winter Food in Provence. We found a recipe for truffle oil and wait for it, truffle flavoured honey for your brie-filled crepes. You make the honey just same way you make the oil.

Truffle Oil & Truffle Honey

The Truffle Kitchen imports their A-Grade truffles. The truffles are delivered to your kitchen within 48 hours of being unearthed. It’s glorious.

This is truly the best gift you can give a foodie. Wrap the cube in something pretty and delight a culinary-inclined friend with a box of truffles. Real black, French ones, not the chocolate ones.

Truffle Gift Wrap

Have a happy day!

Mia & Blair

Truffle Kitchen


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