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Women of Wonder

The Happy Go Lucky Club would like to introduce you to our next Women of Wonder, Theo van der Riet. We are still wondering if there is anything she can’t do?

Name: Theo van der RietTheo van der Riet

Age: A few months away from the naughtiest decade in my life!

Birthday: 7 January (Typical Capricorn)

Business names: Body Intellect, Basi Pilates, Basi Pilates UK, Zwalu Estate

Position: Since this is on a light note, I’ll just say EVERYTHING Pilates and recently added the title, landlady to the mix.

body intellect
Basi Pilates SAbasi pilates uk

Zwalu EstateI’m Theo Botha, wife and mother of two beautiful, busy and awe-inspiring kids, Stephan and Inge, born only 13 months apart, phew! I run 4 businesses and I am really good at delegation – good thing or not? I’ve used my 39 odd years of enjoying life, OCD, and passion for people to change lives, by doing and teaching movement (Pilates) to like-minded individuals. I’m passionate to give up-and-coming Pilates teachers the tools to pay it forward and change the lives of their clients through movement and having their own businesses. 

I am the author of each day and each situation. I believe my attitude is what makes the difference to the title of my day. I jump out of bed with a big smile on my face each morning because every day is the day I’m going to get through my to-do list, phone that friend, drink maybe 1 cup less coffee, work with my students, communicate with my partners and make a difference in each person whose life I touch. I believe movement and a kick ass attitude makes all the difference. I hope to inspire people by being myself, working hard and being committed to my cause. Life is just too short to sit around and mope…

This is more than a job; I’m on a mission to share my passion for life, love, family and friends.

1. What makes you happy? When my two little ones giggle, loooooong hot showers and wine on tap.

2. If there was only one thing you wanted the world to say about you, what would It be? Jeeeez, how is she fitting it all in? Seriously, that I’m true to my word.

3. Who inspires you in life and why? People living without boundaries. My solid husband inspires me, especially his cooking. Oh, and did I mention he can fix everything.

 4. What is your superpower? Juggling! Not balls, but life. I love it though, and once in a while when I hit an equilibrium, it’s pure bliss.

 5. How do you handle criticism? Not always that well. I can take things quite personally, but once I’m over the self-pity, I can stare at the naked truth and take the good, the bad or the ugly…. Reflection and distance bring clarity, I always say.

 6. In one year from now, what will you be celebrating? That I’m alive, and made it to 40 with healthy, happy kids and a husband and family who loves me just the way I am.

7. What has been the hardest business decision you have ever made? I had to ask somebody to leave my business, as they were harming my decades of hard work. It was very tough, as this lovely person was also a friend.

 8. When did you know that THIS is what you wanted to do for a living? One day it just CLICKED! I’ve always loved dancing, movement & exercise, and doing it with absolute purpose. The day I did my first class in Pilates, I knew all my worlds had met and it was magic. I don’t work, I have fun and love to share. Sometimes that sharing comes with too much passion, but that is what I want to do with anybody who is interested.

 9. Where is your happy place? The moment the Boeing’s wheels leave the tarmac, that is my happy place.

10. What’s one quote that inspires you?

Audrey Hepburn

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