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Women of Wonder

The Happy Go Lucky Club is proud to present our first Woman of Wonder Post!

A Woman of Wonder is a magic-making, awesomeness-generating, inspiration-dispensing, every day-hustling, super-cool woman!

We hope you enjoy getting to know Louise Holding better.

Name: Lou HoldingLou (Salt water outside)

Age: 36 (although for some reason I keep thinking I’m 37…!) 

Business name: Step Ahead and Pesso Shoes

Position: Head Shoe Buyer at Step Ahead & Owner of Pesso

Birthday: 23rd October

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Tell us about yourselfI’m a mom to two girls and wife to a nature enthusiast and wannabe explorer! When I’m not building shoe ranges I’m either spending time with my two little princesses or pounding the pavement in my running shoes! I believe in making small differences every day – whether it be giving a banana to the car guard or letting a taxi driver cut in front of you with a smile and a wave. As South Africans we have to keep paying it forward! 

A few questions for us to get to know you better:

  1. What makes you happy? My children playing around me.
  2. If there was only one thing you wanted the world to say about you, what would It be? She had the biggest heart.
  3.  Who inspires you in life and why? Average South Africans just trying to put food on the table and live a better life.
  4. What is your superpower? I can run and strategize at the same time!
  5. How do you handle criticism? It very much depends on who it comes from! In my business environment, I try and take it on the chin, learn from the experience and move on. However, when my husband suggests that there may be an easier way to pack all those boxes into my boot I’m not as forgiving..!
  6. In one year from now, what will you be celebrating? Our 10 year wedding anniversary, hopefully, another Comrades medal and the continued success of our beautiful shoe brand – Pesso.
  7. What has been the hardest business decision you have ever made? Every day seems hard in a tough economy! 
  8. When did you know that THIS is what you wanted to do for a living? When I saw my first Pesso catalogue being printed.
  9.  Where is your happy place? On my patio, with my kids, holding a glass very chilled wine.

An inspiring quote:

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Have a happy day!




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