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Women of Wonder

Nestled in the heart of Hazelwood in Pretoria, you’ll find the most beautiful flower and decor shop, The Railway Design Emporium. Owner, Marolee Smith, has turned her passion and hobbies into a full-time job and we thank her for it. In her shop, you will only find proudly South African products. Marolee will also assist you in all your interior design needs, from reupholstery to custom designed furniture, wallpaper and more. She can even assist you with conceptualizing an event from start to finish, right down to the flower arrangements and invitations. Her design talents are endless.

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Marolee.

Name: Marolee Smithmarolee_bw_3

Age: 28

Birthday: 28 of September




Business name: The Railway Design Emporiumimage001

Location: Corner of Dely Road and 16th Street, Hazelwood Pretoria

Contacts: www.therailwaydesign.com, 082 834 9817

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRailwayDesign/

Instagram: therailwaydesignemporium

I’m Marolee. A creative, and sometimes all over the place influencer, and yes, also a bit crazy. But as they say, “I might be crazy, but all the best people are”.

I have been in the interior design and décor industry for quite some time. On my journey thus far, everywhere where I have taken a pit stop, I have learned something new that I keep safe with me. This has empowered me to not only dream about but to open my own Décor and Flower Shop in Pretoria. I feel that anything that appeals to the human eye automatically appeals to the heart. That is why I fill my day, either by creating fabulous spaces, styling, or creating breathtaking ideas. This is not only my passion and my life, and I intend to influence the world by using creative ideas and being a trendsetter.

My motto is: “Life in itself is the ultimate work of art”.

  1. What makes you happy? Cuddles with my two adorable French poodles, Phoebe and Khaleesi, (Yes I named my dog after a Game of Thrones character, HUGE fan). Spending times with my amazing family, wine and my moms “kookkos”.
  2. If there was only one thing you wanted the world to say about you, what would It be? Wow, look at that girl go!
  3.  Who inspires you in life and why? Young, independent strong women, who grab life by the balls, are not afraid to be who and what they are, and who build their own empires.
  4. What is your superpower? I can quickly pick up on people’s moods.
  5. How do you handle criticism? If you open your doors, (literally, when I open the shop’s door), you open yourself to people’s opinions and sometimes also criticism. Sometimes you need to listen, and other times just brush it off and move along. We all have a gut feel, listen to your gut.
  6. In one year from now, what will you be celebrating? The Birthday of my shop, and hopefully a new (ad)venture.
  7. What has been the hardest business decision you have ever made? Admitting that you do need help and advice from other people more experience in life than you.
  8. When did you know that THIS is what you wanted to do for a living? When I was a little girl of 5, drawing my dream house in detail.
  9. Where is your happy place? Between my people, friends and family.
  10. What is one quote that inspires you: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel



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